Questions about our apartment rentalsQuestions about our aparment rentals

Does Columbia Square allow pets?

Yes. Columbia Square apartment rentals have a 'pets allowed' policy. 

How do I find out if an apartment is available?

Have questions about our apartment rentals? Please contact our on-site apartment manager.

What is the rent? What is included?

Please contact us for availability and rates for apartment rentals. Water, sewer, storage area, and garbage are included in your rent. Tenants are responsible for electricity, phone, and cable television. Pets allowed at additional charge. All units are pre-wired for phones and cable.

What storage is available?

Storage areas off the patio or deck areas are included with all apartment rentals. RV storage and 5x5, 5x10 and 10x20 storage units are available for an extra charge.

What steps are taken for privacy and security?

An on-site manager is present and familiar with all residents. Units have steel entry doors with peek hole and dead-bolts, and all parking areas, entryways, and storage areas are well lit. Selected insulation in walls, floors and ceilings provide comfort and privacy; all windows are insulated, double-pained with secure locking devices.